From many groups into one. That's the plan.

Here's the up-to-date list of all the human-centered groups who have chosen to join PDXHCD in an effort to create one group, one community, while still providing programming for different areas of interest.

Portland Design Research Group

Design Research Speaker Event

Design Research provides multidisciplinary programming focused on the role of research in the design of products, services, and systems in business and other organizations. Events include speakers, panel discussions, and workshops, with opportunities to network and discuss relevant topics with fellow research professionals.

Portland Community Design Thinkers

Design Thinkers Ideation Session

Design Thinkers is a group for enthusiasts of design thinking and its myriad applications for creative and strategic problem-solving across industries of all kinds. Some of our members are, of course, "Designers" who use human-centered methods and mindsets every day, but many more are simply interested in this framework and its power for making things better.


The OpenIDEO Portland Chapter is comprised of a diverse group of individuals who believe that design thinking can drive social impact at a local level and around the world.

Interaction Design

Interaction Design brings together people interested in the design of digital products and experiences. Hosting speakers from across the industry, hands-on workshops, show-and-tell, and collaborative events aimed at helping practitioners from the various sub-disciplines of interaction design expand their knowledge.

If you are a current event organizer of human-centered events, we'd love to have you as part of our larger community. You'll still run your group, but you won't have to run it alone. We're here to help! Plus, we think this path is better for our collective audience.

If you want to offer human-centered programming, please get in touch. It might make more sense to pair you up with someone who is already doing something similar, rather than splintering efforts.